Grinding Wheel/Disc

M10 - Singapore
M10 Grinding Wheel For Stainless Steel and Steel - Singapore
Grinding wheel for stainless steel and steel. Max speed: 70m/s, 13,300rpm.
M10 - Singapore
M10 Turbo Rim Diamond Cup Wheel
For concrete, granite and marble.
M10 - Singapore
M10 "GC" Flexible Grinding Wheel for Stone - Singapore
Flexible grinding wheel for stone, marble, concrebe and granite. Max speed: 72m/s, 13700rpm.
M10 - Singapore
M10 "WA" Flexible Grinding Wheel for Steel & Stainless Steel - Singapore
Flexible type grinding wheel for steel and stainless steel. Max speed: 72m/s, 13,700rpm.
NRS Super Mu (μ) Flexible Sanding Wheel - Japan
This product is 2 times more flexible and 3 times more durable than general purpose wheels.
NRS Grinding Wheel (Stone, Marble, Concrete and Granite)
Made of green silicon carbide for use on stone, marble, concrete and granite.