KTC - Japan
KTC Brake Cylinder Polisher - Japan
Flexible shaft cylinder brush for brake cylinders. Nylon brush with polishing agent for fast polishing and durability.
KTC - Japan
KTC Seal Pick Tool - Japan
For removing O-ring seal from disc brake.
KTC - Japan
KTC C-Washer Tool - Japan
For removing/installing "C" washer in drum brakes.
KTC - Japan
KTC Brake Bleeder Wrench ABX7 - Japan
Special tool for loosening and tightening brake bleeder plugs.
KTC - Japan
KTC Screwdriver For Brake Drum Screw - Japan
T-Shape handle cross tip driver.
KTC - Japan
KTC Tension Spring Tool - Japan
For removing/installing tension spring for drum brake.
GEARWRENCH Economy Brake & Engine Cylinder Hone - USA
3pc set of honing stones.
GEARWRENCH Brake Cylinder Hone - USA
Tool hones drum brake wheel cylinders and disc brake calipers from 3/4" to 2-1/2" (19-64mm) in diameter.
KTC - Japan
KTC Disc-Brake Spreader (AB-11)- Japan
For single piston caliper of light calls and small vehicles.
KTC - Japan
KTC Disc Parking Tool - Japan
For resetting brake piston.
KTC - Japan
KTC Brake Spring Plier (Claw) - Japan
For removing/ setting of large sized vehicles
M10 - Singapore
M10 Disc Brake Wind Back Set - Singapore
For resetting disc brake piston.
KTC - Japan
KTC Brake Pipe Tool - Japan
For fastening/ loosening flare nuts (union nuts) of brake and clutch systems of light cares to small trucks
KTC - Japan
KTC Brake Shoe Adjuster Tool Set - Japan
Specialized tools for adjusting clearance between drum and brake shoe on drum brakes
KTC - Japan
KTC Disc Brake Tool Set (6pcs) - Japan
For disassembly and adjustment of the disc brakes on vehicles.
KTC - Japan
KTC Shoe-Hold Spring Cap Tool - Japan
For disassembling/ installing shoe hold spring for drum brake.