Cable Cutters/Shears

M10 - Singapore
M10 Wire Rope Cutter - Singapore
Drop forged chrome molybdenum jaws with comfortable ergonomic handles.
M10 - Singapore
M10 Heavy Duty Cable Shear - Singapore
Extra large head for heavy duty usage.
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Wire Rope Cutter - Germany
Cuts wire rope, cable and steel.
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Cable Shear - Germany
For cutting copper and aluminium cables
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Bowden Cable Cutter - Germany
Cuts bowden cables and soft wire rope.
ALLPRO - Taiwan
ALLPRO Heavy Duty Cable Cutter - Taiwan
Made of drop-forged chrome molybdenum alloy steel blades with comfortable grip handles
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Ratchet Cable Cutter - Germany
Ratchet cable cutter for copper and aluminium single conductors as well as multiple stranded cables
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Ratchet Cable Cutter For SWA Cable - Germany
Precision milled and induction hardened cutting edges cut smoothly and neatly without crushing Steel Wire Armoured Cable (SWA Cable).
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX 20" 1000V Cable Shear - Germany
1000V Insulated Cable Shear