TOP Ratchet Box-End Wrench (Metric) - Japan

TOP Ratchet Box-End Wrench (Metric) - Japan
TOP - Japan
TOP - Japan

  • Surface plates are made of stainless steel
  • Inside reinforced plastic plate provides a comfortable grip
  • Sockets and gears are made of special alloy steel and well-heated, very strong in torque.

005-293-05507PR-N5.5 x 7mm1156
005-293-0607PR-N6 x 7mm1156
005-293-0809PR-N8 x 9mm1206
005-293-0810PR-N8 x 10mm1206
005-293-1012PR-N10 x 12mm1406
005-293-1013PR-N10 x 13mm1466
005-293-1113PR-N11 x 13mm1656
005-293-1214PR-N12 x 14mm1656
005-293-1315PR-N13 x 15mm1906
005-293-1317PR-N13 x 17mm1906
005-293-1417PR-N14 x 17mm1906
005-293-1719PR-N17 x 19mm2153
005-293-1721PR-N17 x 21mm2153
005-293-1921PR-N19 x 21mm2263
005-293-1922PR-N19 x 22mm2263
005-293-2123PR-N21 x 23mm2403
005-293-2224PR-N22 x 24mm2403