KNIPEX Ratchet Snap Ring Plier - Germany

KNIPEX Ratchet Snap Ring Plier - Germany
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX - Germany

pliers black powder coated, with locking device, can be released

Pliers body: rolled steel, high-strength

Tips: special tool steel, oil-hardened

008-023-44104410J5 570mmInt Str122-400
008-023-46104610A5 460mmExt Str122-400
008-024-441954419J5Replacement tip for 4410J5SmallInt Str122-300
008-024-441964419J6Replacement tip for 4410J5LargeInt Str252-400
008-024-442954429J51Replacement tip for 4410J5SmallInt Bent122-300
008-024-442964429J61Replacement tip for 4410J5LargeInt Bent252-400
008-024-461954619A5Replacement tip for 4610A5SmallExt Str122-300
008-024-461964619A6Replacement tip for 4610A5LargeExt Str252-400
008-024-462954629A51Replacement tip for 4610A5SmallExt Bent122-300
008-024-462964629A61Replacement tip for 4610A5LargeExt Bent252-400